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Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark

Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark is located in a highly developed international metropolis. Despite the very limited land space, the city has admirably preserved vast areas of natural countryside. In proximity to city centre, the geopark showcases world-class geoheritage, diverse ecological environment and rich cultural heritage.

Zhangye UNESCO Global Geopark

What Zhangye UGGp owns is much more than the tag CHINESE RAINBOW MOUNTAIN. The interrelation and interaction among the rare and graceful geoheritage, fragile and diverse ecological landscapes, and unique minority customs create a resources-rich Zhangye UGGp, which becomes a brilliant pearl on the new SILK ROAD.

Pollino UNESCO Global Geopark

The Pollino National Park/Pollino UNESCO Global Geopark since 2015, is located in southern Italy. It is an area where the geology becomes interwoven with history and nature: carbonate rocks, fault scarps, gorges, karst caves, remains of an ancient ocean, glacial forms, sinkholes, plateaus and boundless meadows

Jiuhuashan UNESCO Global Geopark

Jiuhuashan located in the south of Anhui Province, P.R.China. It is famous all over the world for clear magnificent and beautiful granite complex rock body, large-scale granite fault-block landform and unique fluid-rich granite miarolitic structure, together with north subtropical vegetation landscape and buddhist culture.

Wudalianchi UNESCO Global Geopark

Wudalianchi UNESCO Global Geopark with a total area of 790.11 square kilometers, is located in the north central region of Heilongjiang Province. It was designated as a global geopark in 2004. Geopark is reputed as “a natural volcano museum” and “an open textbook on volcanoes” left by the volcanic activities in the Quaternary.


Vikos-Aoos UGGp is located in NW Greece. The landscape is dominated by the Vikos and Aoos gorges, high mountains such as Mt. Timfi (2,497m) and Mt. Smolikas (2,637m) and the rivers Aoos, Voidomatis and Sarantaporos. It is a unique area where geodiversity is combined in the best way with biodiversity and culture.

Lauhanvuori - Hämeenkangas UNESCO Global Geopark

Lauhanvuori - Hämeenkangas UNESCO Global Geopark, situated in the western part of Finland, consists of pristine mire landscapes which are enriched by numerous glacial and bedrock formations. They tell the story of the ancient development of the region from a mountain landscape to one characterized by mires and forests.

Hexigten UGGP

In Hexigten UGG, there are rich in various geological landforms in east China, the magic granite mortar group, unique Inner Mongolian granite stone forest. The thousand-kilometer-extending Xar Moron River, vast and boundless Dali Nur Lake, broad and beautiful Gonggar Grassland and Wulanbutong Grassland.

Papuk UNESCO Global Geopark

Papuk UGGp is situated in the eastern part of Croatia, in the Slavonia region.
Spending a day or a weekend in the Papuk UGGp means getting out into nature and whatever your interests may be: adventure, walks, cycling, fun or just love for nature, we are sure that you will find something for yourself.

Estrela UNESCO Global Geopark

Estrela UNESCO Global Geopark is located in Portugal, Europe. It’s a territory made of people where History is written in its Geology and the wild beauty merges with the ancient landscape.

Alxa Desert UNESCO Global Geopark

Alxa Desert UNESCO Global Geopark features the mega-dune, unique desert lake groups and wind erosion granite landforms, meandering eroded gorges and mysterious palaeo-human remains from distant ages. The extraordinary geodiversity and culture heritage provides a valuable base for geotourism and sustainable development. (subtitles)

Cliffs of Fundy UNESCO Global Geopark

Home to the most extreme tides in the world, Cliffs of Fundy Geopark in Nova Scotia, Canada is an amazing landscape that tells a story of continents colliding & ripping apart; of prehistoric creatures that once roamed the Earth; and of indigenous legends that inspire the imagination.

Yanqing UNESCO Global Geopark

Yanqing UNESCO Global Geopark of China is located in the northwestern part of Beijing, just at a transitional zone between North China plain and Inner Mongolian plateau. It is a comprehensive geopark by integrating the tectonic, sedimentary, paleontologic, magmatic geoheritage and North-China-type karst landform into a whole.

Rio Coco Geopark

The Rio Coco geopark is the first geopark in central America. It is located in the north of Nicaragua (Madriz department)
The video presents the heritage of the territory: natural, geological and cultural. Emphasizing on the three indigenous peoples and the great value of intangible heritage.

Comarca Minera UNESCO Global Geopark

Comarca Minera UGGp is located in central Mexico. The area is named after the mining activity that took place first, for obsidian in Precolumbian times, then for precious metals during the Spanish Colony. Comarca Minera is a territory full of treasures: from silver and gold to the legacy of miners, artists and scientists.

Causses du Quercy

Here, we grow stones : the Causses of Quercy UNESCO World Geopark !
The Quercy Causses can tell you about 200 million years of the Earth's history : palaeontology in the phosphate caves with fossiliferous deposits. As for Man, he has been around in this area for 200 000 years : cave art, dolmens and remarkable constructions.

Gunung Sewu UNESCO Global Geopark

In Java’s cultural heartland, a hidden world of caverns, clear water and mysterious creatures has created an ecosystem like no other. Gunung Sewu, on the Indonesian island of Java, takes its name — which means “thousands of mountains” — from the sweeping landscape of conical hills.

Mixteca Alta UNESCO Global Geopark

The territorry is regarded as a Museum of erosion, where processes and landforms have developed in conection with an intensive use of land for agriculture processes starting 3.5 thousand years ago, in connection with the demographic evolution in one of the main cultural areas in Mesoamerica: the Mixteca Region.

Naturtejo UNESCO Global Geopark

Discover Naturtejo Geopark is the introduction of a series of promotional videos developed by the Venezuelan photographer Jesus Salazar Cabrera about the landscapes and main geomonuments of this geopark. This approach resulted from a one month visit of the photographer to the territory in a first-hand experience.


At Terra.vita Earth’s life story surfaces. Geology and tectonic movement lifted it up and mankind exposed it. The quarries and excavations turned out to be windows into the past. A visit to the Geopark Terra.vita is like a time travel through Earth’s history and men’s myths. Mankind has always had the urge to explore.

The Netherlands
The Hondsrug UNESCO Global Geopark

Mankind has always been looking for explanations. These stories help bring history come to life. Here you can find many things that needed explanations. You can see where the ice ages left their marks. Where mammoths roomed the land. Where battles took place. Where Megalithic
tombes were build.