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Zhangjiajie UNESCO Global Geopark is located in the mountainous area of the western region of Hunan Province, China, with a subtropical humid mansoon climate. In the long Chinese history, it has been honored as “the most fantastic mountain under heaven” and “a living Chinese landscape painting”.

Trollfjell UNESCO Global Geopark

In Trollfjell Geopark you can experience first-hand how geology is the foundation for landscape, biodiversity, cultural history and settlement. The geopark aims to provide world­class activities and thrills based on the unique geological history and localities in the area.

Salpausselkä Aspiring UNESCO Global Geopark

Salpausselkä Geopark lies in southern Finland, telling a story of a landscape created by water: the prominent sandy ridges form a unique entity deposited by meltwater streams of the ice sheet. With bedrock nearly 2 billion years old and over 800 lakes, the area offers stunning views and great surroundings for recreation.

Imbabura UNESCO Global Geopark

El Geoparque Mundial de la UNESCO de Imbabura es un territorio delimitado ubicado en la provincia de Imbabura en Ecuador, el cual posee patrimonio geológico y natural, como lagos, volcanes, páramos, valles y cascadas, en unión con el patrimonio cultural de sus pueblos indígenas, reconocido por la ONU.

Izu Peninsula UNESCO Global Geopark

The Izu has initiated 20 Ma before at the southern sea floor. The Izu block drifted by the movement of the Philippine Sea plate, and collided with the mainland 1 Ma before. After the collision, volcanoes continue to erupt and active crustal deformations develop the topography of the Peninsula. The Izu is the land in motion.

Arouca Geopark

Arouca UNESCO Global Geopark is not a place to get to... it is our place in history. In the history of the Earth, in the history of Humanity… in history of each of us and everyone.
Here, biology, history and culture cohabit in perfect harmony with geology, on which everything rests. Discover us!

Itoigawa UNESCO Global Geopark

Itoigawa UNESCO Global Geopark sits atop a massive fault line which splits Japan between the Eurasian and North American continental plates. Rich in geological and biological diversity, Itoigawa Geopark tells the story of the formation of the Japanese Archipelago and the world's oldest jade-using culture.

Sitia UNESCO Global Geopark

The Sitia UNESCO Global Geopark is located in eastern Crete. It includes the wider region of Sitia and the coastal areas from North to South. The boundaries of the Park have been formulated clearly and include an area of 517 Km2.

Batur UNESCO Global Geopark

Double Caldera with mystical volcano and mythical lake. a sacred place called "Kintamani" - the wish-fulfilling jewels, the Home of ancient Balinese