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film fest

The first edition of the GGN Film festival will be organized during the GGN Conference at 13 -15 September 2021 in Jeju Island.

A unique opportunity to mobilize both Geopark directors and Documentary Directors - filmmakers to collaborate in order to create new documentary and promotional videos on Geoparks.

The objective of this festival is to stimulate the creation of video inside UNESCO Global Geoparks. Today exist in the planet 161 UNESCO Global Geoparks inside 44 Nations. ( They are working inside a world network called: Global Geopark Network (GGN).

Candidate film makers interested need first to take contact with an UNESCO Geopark or official Aspiring UNESCO Geopark and define their project.

Direct candidature from film makers will not be accepted.

Each candidate video need to be transmitted officially by an UNESCO Geopark or official Aspiring UNESCO Geopark

Rules and Terms

Awards and Prizes